The Saturnia Film Festival   is a traveling festival born to unite citizens, territories and cultural and gastronomic excellence, transforming the streets of the most beautiful villages in the Maremma “Cinema under the Stars”.
Five outdoor movie nights dedicated to the vision of the best short films from around the world selected by the Artistic Committee of the Festival.


It is to create a contact between the film and the territory in which it is organized the festival, offering the public an event of profound cultural and artistic interest, and a must for industry professionals

Last but not least, give the opportunity to the selected filmmakers, to know and to be inspired by a place of great historical and landscape value, for their future works.

The Saturnia Film Festival seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and theatre artists from around the world and to introduce audiences (members of the industry and film lovers) to their new work. The Artistic Commettee of the Saturnia Film Festival will consider projects that tell stories about universal themes driven by an individual and authentic voice.


The Saturnia Film Festival presents itself as a benchmark in international emerging filmmakers and the audience (made up of professionals and film enthusiasts).
The attention of the Artistic Committee of the Festival, will be directed to select works that address universal themes in a personal and authentic.