Jury 2019

Paolo Orlando

Medusa Film


He graduated from DAMS (Discipline of Arts, Music and Entertainment), with a Master in Business Management of Film, Audiovisual and Multimedia (MAGIC / ANICA). From the first years of study develops a particular interest in film criticism and the organization of exhibitions and projections, thanks to some experiences of cultural associations. Thus began his collaboration with CNI, Italy Cult Network, a satellite television channel Tele + platform, where the main editorial line was just the Cinema. Later, he passed to Rai Sat, deals with the schedules of programming for the Gambero Rosso Channel. Then he began his career in Medusa as a programming assistant in Medusa Cinema. In 2007 starts the distribution deal, first with the title of Sales Manager and, later, Commercial Director. Today Paolo Orlando is the Distribution Manager at Medusa Film (Rome).


Manuela Rima

Rai Cinema Channel


He works with Rai Cinema, in the field of Strategic Marketing and Digital, is involved in research and production of tailor-made content for the web area dedicated entirely to the cinema. She graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Bologna, after a Masters in Marketing and Communication at the IULM University of Milan, he began working for Mediaset as assistant director of television programs, in 2006 he moved to Rome to pursue his passion for cinema and worked here for several movie sets, and then joined in 2011 in the body of Rai Cinema. She works at Rai Cinema, in the Marketing field as a research and production manager for specialized content to the web site dedicated to cinema. She graduated in Modern Letters at the University of Bologna, she Followed then a Master in Marketing and Communication at the IULM University of Milan.

sabrina paravicini_700

Sabrina Paravicini

Actress and Director


Sabrina Paravicini is an ‘actress, writer and Italian writer. He debuted as an actress in 1993 with the film Stefano Quantestorie, directed by Maurizio Nichetti. The popularity comes with the role of Jessica Bozzi in the first four seasons of the television series Doctor Who. After playing the role of Luisa Mari in two television miniseries Lovers and secrets (2004) and Lovers and secrets 2 (2005), both directed by Gianni Lepre. Work with directors such as Mario Monicelli caliber, Gianluca Tavarelli, Carlo Lizzani, Leonardo Pieraccioni and Sydney Sibilia. In 2019 he directs along with his son Nino Monteleone the BE KIND documentary, a gentle journey into the world of diversity, special mention to the Silver Ribbon DOC 2019. He has published books of fiction with Baldini & Castoldi, Feltrinelli and Rizzoli.


Jaacopo Quadri

Editor and Director


Editor of over 80 films presented in the most important international film festivals and honored with awards such as the Grand Jury Prize in Venice for Death at a Funeral in 1992, the Golden Lion for Sacro GRA in 2013, the Golden Bear Berlin in 2016 Fuocoammare. It ‘been fixed collaborator in the last film by Bernardo Bertolucci, from The Siege (1998) The Dreamers (2003) and You and I (2012). In addition to having assembled all the works of Gianfranco Rosi and Mario Martone has worked, among others, by Marco Bechis, Paolo Virz√¨, Zhang Yuan, Apitchapong Weerasethakul, Paolo Rosa, Francesca Archibugi, Alessandro Rossetto, Mohammed Soudani, Stefano Mordini, Lais Bodansky Daniele Cipri and Franco Maresco, Roberto went, Laura Bispuri, Ciro Guerra. His documentary feature film The Summer School (2014) Luca Ronconi was presented at the Turin Film Festival, the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Doclisboa and Italian cinema, won the Special Prize and the Silver Ribbon Award Libero Bizzarri for best director. In 2015 along with David realizes Barletti The country where the trees fly, a film about Eugenio Barba and Odin Theater presented to the Venice Days of the Venice Film Festival. With Ubulibri, who heads since 2013, produces the short film Molly Bloom, suddenly From the Odysseus of James Joyce, directed by Chiara Caselli, presented at the Venice festival in 2016. Lorello and Brunello, of 2017, is presented in the international competition at 35 . Torino Film Festival where it won numerous awards and then at the Berlinale, Rotterdam, Annecy,

Alessandro Amato



co-founder and managing director of the sidelines. He started his professional and artistic career in the theater held a variety of roles and founding his own company. At the same time it organizes cultural events, putting in connection the different artistic realities. In 2012 he graduated in law in 2015 and graduated in Production On the School Film Festival Gian Maria Volonte, where he met his partner Luigi Chimienti with which constitutes the sidelines. It has produced feature films and short films selected and awarded in many festivals around the world. He has participated in workshops and international events, such as the Workshop Producer and Producer Network of Cannes, the Producer Network of Ventana Sur (Buenos Aires), Match Me! Locarno and PUENTES Workshop EAVE, participating first as alumni and later as expert.


Raffaele Buranelli

Actor and Director


He graduated with honors from DAMS in Directing Film and Television, and specialized in Historical Studies, critics and theorists of Cinema and Audiovisual at the University of Roma Tre University, he attended film criticism workshops with Mario Sixth, the script with Luke Vendruscolo, cinema Gianfranco Pannone documentary, directed by Daniele Luchetti, a comedy with Lucia Poli, avid editing and dubbing. Actor since 1987, works in Theater, Television and Cinema. He debuted with the film’s two brothers Alberto Lattuada. Following Italian films (including Small souls of James Ciarrapico and Magus Italo Moscati) and foreign (as Captain America by Albert Pyun and Stay Lucky David Reynolds), television series (among others The beauty of women, Spell, You are strong teacher and Boris) and many theater performances. The protagonist of Italian and international advertising campaigns, since 2008 is dedicated to the production and executive production of documentaries and short films, the first of which, Salome – a story, he won the Quality Award Imaie Opera and the International Film Festival of Art. It also produces the documentary Romae Descriptio and six short films. In 2012 he was a member of the international selection committee for the program New Cinema Network of the Rome Film Festival. He was a member and Head of the distribution of the National Directorate of IndiCinema. In 2014 forms with Karin Proia There the production company, which produced the feature film A trip to Rome, directed by Karin Proia, with Claudia Cardinale and Philippe Leroy and music by Nicola Piovani, awarded Best Foreign Film at the Toronto FEFF2016,


Luca Marino

Indaco Film


Director of Indigo, a young company that operates in the 360-degree communication. After an active publishing experience, from 2015 thanks to the branch Indigo Film, specializing in the development of audiovisual works, made several commercials and documentaries. In 2017, it produces the latest short film of Alexander the Great, entitled “Bismillah”. In 2018 the “Bismillah” short film won the David di Donatello 2018 as best Italian short film and numerous awards in the world. In 2019 as an associate producer with Greenland Group, produces the nuvo Vinicio Capossela video clip “The poor Christ” directed and photography by Daniele Cipri with Marcello Source, Rossella Brescia and Enrique Irazouqui.


Luigi Chimenti



Luigi Chimienti is co-founder of the sidelines. He graduated in “Cinema” at the University of Pisa and in “Publishing and Writing” at the University La Sapienza of Rome, he graduated, then, in the “Production” at the Art School Film Gian Maria Volonte, where he met Alessandro Amato, with whom he founded the sidelines in 2015. He works as a production manager and organizer of several films, short films, music videos and advertising. As a producer he participated in workshops and international events, such as the Cannes Film Producer Workshop, Match Me! Locarno, and Maia workshop program.